Press Release 

January 1, 2019 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 

Products Engineering Corporation (PEC) Tools Announces Sale of Company 

 New management has come on board this well-known, respected and reliable leader in the manufacture of a complete line of precision measuring tools.    

 Torrance, CA – Products Engineering Corporation (PEC)one of the best known precision measuring tool companies and brands in the world today, has always lived in the present but with a watchful eye, also planned for the future.   

Founded in 1960 (in business for over 58 years)the company announced the sale of their organization in January, 2019 to new managementwho share the same business culture and value system as the former Owner/President Rich Luboviski (innovation, honor, mastery, confidence and pride in the work performed and the products supplied).   

After 15 years of focusing his time, energy and resources into continuing to build the highly successful business his father (Martin Luboviski) once headed up before his passing, for Rich Luboviski change was simply the motivating factor for the sale of the company 

Rich notes:  “New faces are coming to PEC and with them are new product ideas, as well as perspectives regarding the manufacturof our precision measuring tools.   I’m confident that PEC is in good hands and will continue to grow and succeed in the marketplace.  As for me personally, every change that has ever occurred in my life has always been an invitation to have a new experience, or to take advantage of a different opportunity.  Entrepreneurship is all about change and I’ve always embraced it and will continue to do so well into the future. 

The new President of PEC, Mr. Ricky Ren, explains:  “With our purchase of PEC, we intend to continue the expert manufacture of high-quality, durable, reasonablypriced precision measuring toolsprovide legendary Customer Serviceexpand PEC’s product lines; and further enhance the former company’s historical expertise. 

About Products Engineering Corporation (PEC) 

For over 58 years, Products Engineering Corporation has remained a well-known, respected and reliable leader in the manufacture of a complete line of Precision Measuring Tools, as well as Photo-Chemically Etched Parts for computer electronics and semi-conductor industries.  In 2019, Weighing Scales were added to our company’s established brand, to suit different businesses and industries.  

PEC’s products are used to accurately measure, gage and inspect parts by the government, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, wood and metal-working, masonry and music industries, as well as in other numerous trades/occupations.  Our Weighing Scales are used in scientific/laboratory settings, as well as commercial and industrial communities.   

Supplied both domestically and internationally, most PEC products are manufactured in the USA.  They help our customers work smarter, faster and more efficiently while spending lesswithout sacrificing precision or quality. 

In addition to PEC’s tools being extremely high-quality, accurate, durable and reasonablypriced, our Customer Service is legendary resulting in loyal buyers, who return time and again for their precision measuring tool and weighing scale needs.