Our customers have an important job to do and they can’t afford inaccuracy.  They need to be able to perform with precision, much like that of an eagle.

Originally based in Santa Monica, CA out of a converted garage, later upgraded to a larger facility in Westchester, CA and presently located in Torrance, CAProducts Engineering Corporation (PECTools was founded in 1960 (in business for over 60 years).  From a small tool manufacturing business to the “Tried and True” company that it is today, PEC Tools is well-respected leader in the manufacture of a complete line of Precision Measuring Toolsas well as Photo-Chemically Etched Parts for computer electronics and semi-conductor industries.  In 2019, the company added Weighing Scales to their well-respected and established brand in the marketplace. 

PEC products are used to accurately measure, gauge and inspect parts by the government, automotive, industrial, aerospace, manufacturing, wood and metal-working, masonry, music, scientific, healthcare and pharmaceutical, grocery and food service communities, as well as numerous other industries and commercial businesses.  Supplied both domestically and internationally, all PEC Tools are manufactured in the USA with regard to appearance, finishing and function.  They help our customers work smarterfaster, more efficiently and weigh better while spending less, without sacrificing precision or quality.  Our company logo proudly displays the outstretched wings of an American eagle, symbolizing precisionmastery, honor, confidence and pride in the work we do and the products we supply.