By adding their Hercules Series Truck Scales to their well-respected and established brand, PEC is looking to play a major role in agricultural settings, with cost-saving solutions that offer accuracy, repeatability, sensitivity, reliability and serviceability.

Torrance, CA – Whether you are in farming, ranching, or any other type of agricultural-based business and handling a small field or larger operations, truck scales are an important investment in your business.  PEC’s reliable, cost-saving, NTEP-Approved and Legal-for-Trade Hercules Series Truck Scales allow you to perform high-volume weight measurements quickly, easily and accurately, especially during peak harvest season; whenever you receive large produce orders; and when planning for future harvest periods.

The data that PEC’s Hercules Series Truck Scales solutions supply can be used to determine transactional pricing and profit margins; recording and/or managing inventory; performing quality control and checking compliance.  Additionally, they help you save time; collect incoming and/or outgoing weight information needed to buy or sell; meet legal-for-trade requirements; and lower your operational costs.

The Hercules Series Truck Scales are specifically designed for the demanding market places in North and South America.  They are easy to install, service-friendly and can weigh up to 200,000 lbs., 300 loads per day non-fatigued for 20 years.  They feature a heavy duty weigh bridge and have specially designed, world patented cross beam load cells (sturdier structure compared to traditional double-ended beams).  Additionally, they offer 8 strain gauges (double the quantity of most manufacturers), which help prevent side loading and get results closer to perfection.

PEC’s Hercules Series Truck Scales can be installed above ground, or in a pit.  Their load cells and junction box can be installed, or accessed from the top; come with side rails, diamond plate surface for durability and truck safety; and equipped with a Pennsylvania 7600E NTEP Indicator.  These truck scales are made to last and feature a 5-Year Warranty on parts and labor.  An optional and unique Palm Viewer Android application allows drivers to view scale weight from their smart phones, via a new Bluetooth module.  Additionally, the company’s new manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles and abroad enable PEC to pass on cost savings up to 30%, compared to most scale manufacturers world-wide.

Now under new management (PEC was purchased in January, 2019), the company’s new President, Mr. Ricky Ren, notes:  “Investing in one of PEC’s Hercules Series Truck Scales would be a smart move toward improving productivity on the farm or ranch.  The benefits that come with agricultural professionals measuring their produce cannot be understated and our Hercules Series Truck Scales make harvest time more efficient, as well as increase your Return on Investment.”